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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Avoid finger-pointing but get to root of tragic bus accident

I WAS shocked and sad to learn about the horrific express bus accident which occurred in the early hours of Dec 26, claiming the lives of 10 passengers. My heart goes out to the loved ones of those who perished in this senseless tragedy.

As usual, standard comments were made by the authorities and the general public on the accident itself, the competency of bus drivers, the suitability of double-decker buses on our highways and the safety of night travel.

Many of the opinions are worth looking into if we are serious about preventing more of these tragedies.

For once, though, we should avoid finger pointing, although those responsible should come clean and be made accountable for their acts or inaction.

Arguably, views on the technical aspects of the accident should only come from the experts, otherwise they may be misleading and will only help to complicate the whole issue.

I am of the opinion that nobody should play to the gallery on this issue but instead stay focused to overcome this perennial problem. We should be pragmatic in our actions and approach this issue in a holistic manner.

Rightly, we cannot offer any excuses this time around because we are supposed to have executed all those suggestions made earlier based on the findings of previous fatal express bus crashes. What happened to these plans and recommendations between then and now is anybody’s guess!

Has the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board executed its plans and promises effectively? Did the Road Transport Department (RTD) and the police earnestly enforce all laws and regulations under their jurisdictions?

Have Puspakom and the Environ­ment Department (JAS) discharged their duties diligently?

Did PLUS undertake the necessary actions to remedy all the limitations highlighted previously?

And what about the Road Safe­ty Department (JKJR) and the Malay­sian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros)? Do they have all the relevant information and data to advise the industry accordingly?

Has the RTD got anything to do with this issue? The accident is no doubt a public transport problem!

Notwithstanding the above, have the bus operators undertaken their responsibilities professionally? Have they taken steps to improve the safety aspects of their operations and enhanced their services to the paying passengers?

Have the drivers been briefed, grilled and trained to handle their equipment safely and effectively?

Have all other road users been made aware of the necessity to inculcate good driving habits so they do not pose problems on the roads and highways?

These questions need to be addressed honestly if we want to avoid more carnage on our roads in the near future.

Undoubtedly, positive answers to these questions will help to encourage the public to choose public transport when they make their travelling plans.

Zamri Mahmud,

Kuala Lumpur.

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