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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Be clear about your duties to nation

REGARDING the National Civics Bureau curriculum and its revamp, may I suggest that to be fair to the people and to be seen to actively promulgate 1Malaysia, it must be stressed to the civil servants that being patriotic is not the same as unquestioning compliance with the government of the day.

If there are doubts about the practice of good governance by the government of the day, the civil servants are duty-bound to question or criticise the Govern­ment.

They must be told that dis­satis­faction with and criticism of perceived unsatisfactory performance of government officials at any time is not an act of disloyalty to the nation or ungratefulness to the Government.

In fact, if civil servants do not act to correct a perceived act of malfeascance, they are performing a disservice to the nation.

Worse, if they condone or turn a blind eye to corruption and wastage of public funds, it constitutes an unforgivable as well as unpatriotic act.

A civil servant must be very clear about the distinction between commitment to the government of the day and patriotism to the country.

He must be committed and unwavering in his duty to serve the people as a civil servant, to ensure that everything is done in a transparent manner, and to eschew corruption.

Disapproval of malfeascance in their midst does not constitute disloyalty to the country. On the contrary, ignoring or actively condoning such irresponsible acts is unpatriotic.



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