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Monday, December 28, 2009

Clean up errant cabbies, then our dirty toilets

WE recently concluded our holiday in Kuala Lumpur, relying on public transportation and walking to maximise our experience. We are giving some constructive feedback.

The public toilets at KL Sentral fall short even by Malaysian standards. However, the rides on the commuter train, light rail transit and shuttle buses were smooth.

Once again, the biggest disappointment is the taxis with all drivers insisting on a flat but unreasonable fare.

Under a drizzle, we (including my children) had to settle for a walk from KL Tower to the vicinity of Marriot Hotel around Bukit Bintang. As it was already past our normal dinner time, I had to discard my principle, avoid further arguments and finally surrender to a cab driver who was more “reasonable” in his fare demands to bring us to Jalan Alor.

These problems are not recent phenomena, and we need to move beyond words, excuses and bowing to pressure groups.

We may have to “clean up” our errant taxi drivers first, and dirty toilets next.



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