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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Government dragging feet on maid recruitment

I AM very concerned about the Home Ministry’s delay in approving foreign domestic maids from entering Malaysia.

My mother who has a hard time coping because she is handicapped applied for a maid but she has been told by the agency that maids are for the moment not allowed in by the Home Ministry.

It’s all very well to set a blanket ruling like that, but what about helpless old ladies like her who cannot do much house work or look after themselves? What are they supposed to do?

Why is the Home Ministry taking so long to lift the ruling? The agent says it is not other countries that are stopping their workers from coming to Malaysia to work but our ministry that is dragging its feet, causing the back log.

If this is so, then it is extremely shameful and cruel, to say the least.

What other legal ways have we got to bring in a domestic worker? If we recruit an illegal maid without papers, we will be fined heavily and even face a jail sentence. But if I can get hold of an illegal worker, I will employ her and when I am hauled to court, I will drag our Home Minister along with me to face charges. I am completely fed up!

Mana Boleh,


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