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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Have a heart when assigning duties

THE writer of “Unhappy over rural posting” (The Star, Dec 30), deserves sympathy. However, this teacher probably does not have the vocation to teach, for a real teacher must teach, no matter where he or she is posted.

This teacher may also have forgotten that in order to get her pay at the end of the month, she must go to work, and if her studies were sponsored by the Government, she is duty-bound to serve anywhere there is a position available.

On the other hand, unhappy employees are not of service to anyone, and therefore it would be in the interest of the Government to assign postings according to personal preferences.

This habit of posting people far away from home has its serious downside. Family and personal ties suffer considerably when employees have to work away from their hometown. The financial situation and the emotional well-being of employees who have to work far from home can also be seriously compromised.

In this time and age, the Govern­ment should be able to do a better job at satisfying its employees. When in need, people may take up propositions that are disadvantageous to them.

The Government should lead the way in ensuring that work propositions are fair to all employees, and that duties and responsibilities are assigned according to talent and disposition instead of relying mainly on administrative and technical necessities.

Marisa Demori,


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  1. I wrote a response to his article on my blog.
    Have a look if you're interested! =)

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