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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Many govt departments taking security for granted

WHAT a shame! How can two F5E fighter plane engines be stolen from under the noses of our air force personnel? The shameful incident speaks volumes of our security and defence system.

But the loss is no joke. It is a serious breach of security.

If today they can steal engines, what is there to prevent the loss of an MiG29 in broad daylight? Imagine waking up to see all our fighter aircraft stolen after the good show at LIMA 09.

Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) personnel need a complete overhaul. Security, especially at military air bases must not be taken for granted.

Regular spot checks must be done by the generals. Immediate action must be taken against personnel caught sleeping on the job.

Instead of pointing fingers, the RMAF should be asking, “What is wrong with our security system?”

Go to any government department and one can see how security is taken for granted. For example, when I was attached to the Foreign Ministry at the old building in Kuala Lumpur, I noticed a tailor popular with senior officers could walk in freely without wearing a security tag.

When I asked the guard, I was told that they did not dare to stop him for fear of being reprimanded. And the tailor even had the audacity to tell off the guard for stopping him and not knowing him all these years!

Government departments including Parliament, irrespective of how sensitive they are, should thoroughly check and frisk any vendors or members of the public entering their premises.

The F5E engines would not have been stolen if effective supervision and security procedures had been adhered to. But then when the generals themselves couldn’t be bothered with security and allow their business friends to walk freely into a secure area, there is nothing much the poor underpaid guards can do.


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