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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Paying RM3 to circle KLCC parking lot

ON Dec 23 I had to pay the price of a poorly coordinated parking sytem at the KLCC parking lot.

Driving in on a busy afternoon, I could see that the parking area under the Petronas Twin Towers was busy, with long lines of cars going in the same direction. As we collected our parking ticket at the dispensing machine, we could see a parking attendant ahead directing us into a designated area.

Selected areas had been cordoned off with yellow plastic chains, so our driving was restricted. I was trying my best to be patient as I encountered blocked-off areas, and finally decided to exit the parking lot as I was not prepared to waste any more time.

Imagine my shock at the exit, where my ticket was rejected by the machine and was told that I had to pay before exiting!

I had no choice as the cashier said in a nonchalant manner that I had to pay to exit. This was in spite of my protest that I had not even parked, but wasted 10 minutes circling the parking deck.

Although RM3 is not a big amount, I definitely did not want to pay for this chaotic experience. A request to speak to the manager bore no result. A message was left by phone later requesting him to call me back, but no such luck.

A second phone call on Dec 24 had me speaking to a certain Encik Roslan, who told me that due to the number of visitors they were unable to cover all entrances for traffic movement, and that I could claim a refund.

While I appreciate Roslan’s explanation, the point is not the refund. Why can’t the KLCC car park management:

> Allow free exit within a limited time if no parking is found?

> Better inform incoming traffic at all entry points, by stationing a staff or signboard advising would-be visitors?

> Implement a better traffic flow system in the bowels of the car park area?

Kuala Lumpur.

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