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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tourist disgusted with dirty beach

WE have come back to our holiday home in Penang, and every morning I go down to the beach for my daily walk.

Once again I am frustrated at the state of the Batu Ferringhi beach. I have noticed that all the beach cleaners are nowhere to be seen.

When I was here last year they were doing a very good job trying to keep the beach clean, but this year it is worse than ever. All the rubbish bins are full, there are food cartons and beer bottles and broken glass everywhere.

The local people, the holidaymakers and the hotels should respect the beach and keep it very clean, so they should take their rubbish with them and use the bins provided.

But the bins must be emptied on a regular basis as well, to encourage people to want to stroll along the beach, to keep the tourists coming back each year, and to keep the beach a safe place.

Many Europeans say Penang is dirty, and that is why many of them are going to Thailand for their holidays. So if you want us to return to your lovely country, please try and keep it clean.

The local council which looks after Batu Ferringhi should ensure that the beach is kept clean at all times to encourage people to keep it that way.


A frustrated British tourist,


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