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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bad experience with Fomema

IN VIEW of recent news reports of maids being abused by employers, let me share my bad experience with the maid agency and Fomema.

I applied for a foreign maid in March 2009 through a maid agency which cost me almost RM8,000.

Upon arrival in Malaysia, the maid underwent a full medical check-up and an X-Ray examination with doctors designated by Fomema.

In July 2009, I received a letter from Fomema certifying her fit to work in Malaysia.

MY problem started last week when I received a letter from Fomema stating that an audit has found that my maid’s X-Ray was abnormal and she is not suitable to work here and should be sent home as soon as possible.

As a practising physician, I know that the commonest cause of abnormalities in an X-Ray of a foreign worker is changes suggestive of either active or old tuberculosis.

What annoys me the most is that it took almost six months for Fomema to get back to me.

What if it was changes suggestive of active tuberculosis?

In that case she would have exposed my whole family to tuberculosis.

It saddens me to see a private entity such as Fomema which has been given the trust by the Government to protect employers from communicating diseases, was so inefficient in informing me of the status of my foreign worker. What action will be taken against the doctor who passed the foreign maid’s first medical examination?

Will he be suspended from doing any further examinations or will he be allowed to make a mockery of the system?

My problems did not end there.

I approached the maid agency requesting for an explanation but it refused to take any responsibility or make amendments to the payment that I made.

They insisted that the problem was between Fomema and me.

I believe it is time the minister and the ministry concerned take measures to protect the rights of the employers so that they will not be “abused” in future.

I hope justice will prevail not only for the abused foreign maids but also for the victimised local employers.


George Town.

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