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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bare-ly a sign of love, girls

W ITH reference to “Bright and Breezier” (The Star, Jan 29), I was shocked at the news of female students in higher-learning institutes in Shah Alam being persuaded not to wear panties on Valentine’s Day to show their love for their boyfriends. As a woman and a mother, I question the rationale behind it.

Firstly, why should we go down to such demeaning ways to express our feelings for our boyfriends? Secondly, how does not wearing your undergarments express feelings that our hearts can’t? Thirdly, how would the boyfriend know that his loved one is not wearing any undergarments unless she tells him or he feels her derriere, assuming that she is still fully clothed!

It is so insulting; it’s calling for women to just bare their bodies, not their love. While I am all for women’s rights, I am totally against such a stupid move.

I think the female students should question who is behind this so-called “movement to show love”. Imagine the scenario on Valentine’s Day — everyone will be standing around giggling and wondering if you have your panties on or not.

Don’t sell your reputation short for such cheap thrills. And mind you, the thrills are for him, not her.

Whatever couples want to do after marriage to fuel passionate fires of love is their private business but to do such a thing before marriage may inadvertently fuel not much love but lust and unbridled emotions before marriage. It is a dangerous thing to do.

If the menfolk can wait until marriage to savour such fun and excitement, then they are worth marrying. If not, the girls should pass them over for turning them into cheap “toys”.

I urge the girls not to fall for the ploy obviously designed by a bunch of perverts. Not following this stupid movement does not make you any less desired or desirable; rather it makes you love with a sensible head on your shoulders.

Sometimes conservatism has a higher value rather liberalism, especially when it protects your values and ensures your reputation is unscathed.

There are better ways to express love like being kind, understanding and compassionate — not just on Valentine’s day but every other day.

If these feelings do not mean much for the guy, it shows his shallowness. And the womenfolk should not only be the ones to do it if both parties intend for the relationship to last until “death do us part”.


Kuala Lumpur.

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