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Monday, January 18, 2010

Being alone fits so well with kidnapper’s plan

I REFER to “Plucky girl foils kidnap bid by kicking man in the groin” (The Star, Jan 14). It seems that the potential kidnappers capitalised on the fact that she was walking alone at that moment.

Women ought to be extra cautious when going anywhere alone. A kidnapping bid can happen to anyone and also at a time and place least expected.

It can happen in a crowded shopping mall. The kidnapper may just tail the lone woman shopper till she reaches the car park. It may also happen to a lone woman driver in the street. The predator may just tail the woman till she reaches a lonely street or lane.

Hence, never assume we are safe even in crowded places. We may be under the surveillance of predatory eyes waiting for the right moment to strike.

Always be aware of your surroundings. Being alone just fits so well with a kidnapper’s plan.

Furthermore, there are some practical tips that women can consider. They may carry a panic alarm which is the size of a key chain. They may consider learning some basic self-defence and also learn to strike vulnerable points of the body of an attacker.



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