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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


SETTING up 1Malaysia clinics is a good idea but there must be strict criteria. There will be more harm than good if there are no doctors present unless the Hospital Assistants are allowed only to give first aid, do nursing care work such as dressing and dispense medications prescribed by qualified doctors.

One way out I can think of is for the Government to allow some selected private clinics to help out by allowing them to see those poor patients but obtained their drugs from the government clinics.

Governments in the past have been closing down private clinics without doctors attending full time because of the harm this can do, which I do agree, but why the double standards as we are now establishing government clinics without doctors?

Some doctors, I am certain, will be willing to help the Government by seeing patients sent by government clinics and sending them back to obtain medicine from the government clinics.

For these poor patients, the doctors can just charge a nominal fee to cover the overhead and give free service to those who really cannot afford.

To avoid abuses, the Government can screen such patients at the 1Malaysia clinics and give them a note to see the GP and then go back for their medicine.

Doctors are mainly against the establishment of government clinics without doctors not because of the potential loss of earnings.

It is because it will do more harm to patients and is also unethical.

I have personally seen many diabetics and hypertensive patients, who obtain medicine from government clinics not manned by doctors, with serious side effects which could have been avoided if these patients were properly cared for by qualified doctors.

The Government should also give GPs a break as they already have a tough time with the implementation of the Private Health Care Bill. Although I am not a GP, I always believe that General Practice (Family Medicine) is a very important discipline, which is unfortunately getting less and less popular.

George Town.

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  1. Where is Malaysian Medical Association?

    Are they keeping quite about this?


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