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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Consumers always on the losing end

I can’t agree more with “Bread lover of Kangar” (The Star, Jan 8) with regard to the ridiculous increase in the price of bread.

I asked exactly the same question in my e-mail to the Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs: Does it take a kilo of sugar to bake a 400g bread?

We are tired of listening to the call by the authorities to change our lifestyle and for the business establishments not to take advantage when prices of commodities like sugar, flour and fuel go up.

I believe we the consumers have not much choice but to change – in other words, lower – our lifestyle whether we are being asked to or not. But what about the businesses? They change too – yes, by increasing their prices.

I disagree with the Government in withdrawing or even reducing subsidies for basic items, because the consumers will end up paying, not the manufacturers who would immediately raise their prices.

We have seen even the price of a glass of teh tarik going up in tandem with the price of a kilo of sugar.


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  1. Tu pun hampa dok kalut pangkah Beer-N masa PRU. Dah tau depa dok pekena rakyat, tapi time PRU hampa lupa pasai menteri mai salam ngan hampa semua. Aper daaa...

    Kah kah kah!!!...


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