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Monday, January 25, 2010

Don’t punish buyers, go after the pirates

THE Government must be fair and have a heart.

Most buyers of pirated CDs are those who cannot afford the ridiculous high price of original ones at licensed outlets.

If their houses were to be raided and any pirated CDs found and seized, many will not be able to pay the huge fine, which means the authorities would have to build more detention centres and prisons to lock them in.

Is this what the Government wants?

The Government should instead go after the “pirates” and get the licensed producers to lower their price.

Do not penalise the buyers — it is so unfair.

There are many Iaw breakers in this country such as those who are corrupt and those who blatantly break the traffic rules.

Why go after the poor people who just want his children and family to have some entertainment on cartoons and educational programmes at home and nobody gets hurt.

Be wise and be kind!



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