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Thursday, January 14, 2010

EPF ruling a surprise for foreigner

I AM a foreigner married to a Malay­sian and have been working in the country for the past five years. Like many others foreigners in this country, I also contribute to the EPF.

Lately, I have been hearing how important it is to have a beneficiary for one’s EPF account, so I went to the EPF office to nominate my husband as my beneficiary.

To my surprise, the officer told me that it was not possible for a foreigner to do so.

Since it did not make any sense, I argued to have a beneficiary’s name input in the system.

The system accepted the officer’s entry with my fingerprints, etc. However, his supervisor later approached me to tell me that a foreigner cannot name a beneficiary.

I was told that if something happens to me, my family members could come with a court order to claim the money.

I am quite surprised to see this happening in Malaysia. We are promoting the Malaysia My Second Home programme all over the world but we have failed to address this simple procedure.


Kuala Lumpur.

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