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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fuel price protests

WITH reference to the report “Fuel price by car size,” (The Star, Jan 8), I feel that it is unfair to most people who have old cars with bigger engine capacities.

These cars already have low market value in the used-car market and dealers will now be more reluctant to accept such cars. There are also owners of luxury vehicles which have smaller engine capacities such as the Mazda RX8, BMW Mini and Peugeot 308 which are priced above RM100,000. Are they eligible for subsidies too?

We hope the Government will use a simpler and more efficient method to distribute subsidies to the rakyat. A better method as suggested by Fomca would be to provide everyone with 200 litres of petrol at a subsidised price.

If you can afford to travel a lot, you will have to pay the market price for petrol. Frequent and long distance travellers should be encouraged to take public transport to reduce dependency on subsidised fuel.



Fuel price by local and imported cars or by car price better. Can promote and boost our local car sales too. — Alex

Govt can remove fuel subsidy but must also reduce taxes on new cars. Cars here extremely expensive. — Carless

Fuel hike by car size. Unaccaptable! I am driving 2.0 car yr 96 valued at rm23k only. Othrs driving 1.3 valued at rm150k. How?

Govt, pls remember that big sized cars pay more roadtax, its unfair that they don enjoy fuel subsidy!

I’m a pensoner who drives a Volvo 240 worth RM2K. Not qualified 2 buy subsidised petrol!

Org yg pakai kereta besar ni lah yg bayar pelbagai cukai pada kerajaan..alih2 sabsidi bagi pada org lain..sangat tak adil...

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