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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Give alimony aid to all in need

I REFER to the Government’s intention to offer alimony aid to Muslim women who are undergoing divorce and have not been paid maintenance. The Cabinet has approved an allocation of RM15mil for this purpose.

While the move is something to be applauded as the needy may potentially benefit, I am afraid the scope is somewhat stunted.

If it is a government grant, then it is the taxpayer’s money that is involved. All Malaysians pay tax and, therefore, all needy Malay­sians should benefit in line with the 1Malaysia concept.

Divorce is not confined to one ethnic group in the country. It cuts across the board.

There are poor, disadvantaged non-Muslim women who are also left in the lurch after an acrimonious court battle. Some are even left abandoned without a court fight.

As fellow human beings, they too need legal advice and help.

To select only one ethnic group and look after its needs exclusively would leave a sense of deprivation and wanton neglect of the other groups.

This would definitively work counterproductive to the concept of 1Malaysia.

Discrimination is said to occur when a group is treated less favourably in legal terms than another group in the same or similar situation. This is divisive and does not augur well for the country.

As taxpayers, we expect the Government to look after the needs of all ethnic groups on a parity.

The criterion should be need, not religion.

There should be stringent monitoring of the money distribution as this allocation is bound to attract opportunists who would want to exploit the situation for their own corrupt purposes.



> Alimony aid wrong

Why only for Muslim divorcees? How about non Muslim divorcees? Don’t sideline them. - Subra

Alimony for divorce women. Go after the ex husband first! - Tan

Wrong thinking ... let men who divorce their wives pay alimony. Not us, the taxpayers.

> Accident-prone area

Another accident again in front of Hartamas Shopping Centre. Pls consider speed breakers on both directions. - Shah

> All do your part

Malaysian households must play their role in lowering carbon footprint by reducing, recycling & reusing their household solid discharge waste. - Lee Hui Seng

> Uplift standard

Now that the soccer development fund receives RM10m from govt, ensure it’s managed well transparently to uplift Malaysian soccer to world class.

> Preserve heritage

Let the Rangoon Amman temple in Kemaman be where it is. Moving from original site will lose temple’s heritage value. - Venu

> Missing Indonesians?

Why only highlight Indians who are MIA? What about Indonesians? Government should also release the numbers who are MIA. - TR

> Suffering motorists

Traffic is really bad in sunway toll both in LDP n Kesas since last week. Pay toll n get stuck. LDP n Kesas suck money n do nothing.

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