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Monday, January 18, 2010

Give our docs a break they deserve

THE letter “Don’t Work Our Doctors to Death” (The Star, Jan 15), touched me personally.

I may not be a doctor but I have seen how these doctors work. Having been warded for almost a month in a government hospital, I have this to say. All the doctors I came across will always tell me that they are very busy working and they have no life.

Why is this? Yes, they always need to work seven days a week unless they apply for vacation leave. Even then, some are recalled when an emergency arises.

Then again, there is night duty and when they are on-call. They have to work throughout the night and continue working the next day from as early as 6am.

I was equally surprised when this same doctor on-call came to my ward and continued to check on the patients early next morning. I used to get annoyed when they come round so early. I even told them to be quiet because I wanted to get some sleep. They told me they would rather take my place and be the patient.

I noticed that they looked very tired and lethargic. So how are they going to give their best in their jobs when they don’t get proper rest and sleep? I hope the authorities would look into the problem and give our doctors a break!


George Town.

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