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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Govt cannot function minus the taxes

I REFER to “Ad campaign an insult to us taxpayers” (The Star, Jan 1), and concur with the writer that the Income Tax Department’s full page ad is unsuited to its purpose.

Indeed, by looking at the sorry state and circumstances of the child in the picture, one would think that Hasil is in very much the same situation and is trying to excise pity from taxpayers and is practically begging them to pay up their taxes.

If this is the case, then Hasil has not done its homework and so does not know who its customers are.

However, the writer of the letter should be careful when implying that Malaysians have almost nothing to be grateful for. At this very moment, two-thirds of the world population live in poverty. They don’t have a proper home, enough food and clothes, permanent job and, worst of all, no hope.

Malaysia may not be the best country in the world, but Malaysians do, by all accounts, enjoy a good standard of living. The writer should not point at the puny 1% of Malaysians who leave the country every year to work and stay permanently overseas as an indicator that conditions here are unsatisfactory. People have very specific reasons for wanting to migrate, and economic prospects is only one of those reasons.

I have an expatriate acquaintance who lives in Malaysia only because she can practise her religion freely here. Although her country of origin has a higher GDP and per capita income than Malaysia does, this person would not be happy living there because she would not be as free to practise her religion as she is in Malaysia.

If there is one thing the Government is clearly culpable of, it is giving too much. When you give too much, whether out of generosity or mindlessness, you usually get ingratitude in return. This is because having given much, one would also expect much in return.

Unfortunately, the other party doesn’t have much to give and so cannot repay the favours in equal measure.

Another observation is that the Government cannot govern satisfactorily without the help and cooperation of the people. If you haven’t paid your taxes, you should. And if you think taxes aren’t fair to you, you should submit your questions clearly and politely, and also suggest a better collection system for both the Government and the people.

The last thing I believe is that the Government has misappropriated or misused the money. If it had, the country’s leaders would all be vacationing in the Bahamas by now, instead of having to get up in the morning and continue listening to the demanding and ungrateful.


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