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Monday, January 18, 2010

Have attractive work policy

WITH regard to the problem of thousands upon thousands of visitors from China and South India who go missing on expiry of their Visa On Arrival (VOA) and the difficulty of tracing them, I wonder whether many Malaysians have seen a Hollywood comedy The Second Civil War.

The comedy is about the governor of the state of Idaho closing his state’s borders to keep out the orphans from war-torn Pakistan being brought in by an American charity.

The governor’s action prompted the White House to order the Federal Army to declare war against Idaho, which mobilised its own National Guards and are later supported by other states which are also concerned about the massive influx of foreigners into their states.

The funny part is that the governor of the state of Maine, who is Chinese and whose majority population is also Chinese, also sent his National Guards to help Idaho.

“We are declaring support for Idaho because we are also concerned about our state being swarmed by the Chinese migrants,” says the governor of Maine.

In our case, we all know that economic migrants from China and India are either part of human trafficking by various syndicates using Malaysia as a transit point, or simply Malaysian employers themselves preferring to use foreign workers because they accept the low wages offered.

Not only low-salaried jobs, Malaysian employers now prefer to employ foreign engineers and others for a similar reason – low wages for maximum productivity.

And this problem is also due to our government policy of projecting Malaysia as a low-cost country so that our products can be competitive in foreign markets. But this is wearing thin in many markets.

Moreover, we are now losing out to Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and many more emerging nations whose costs are much lower and who will do anything to attract foreign investments.

The problem can only be solved with a new government policy and the sincerity and loyalty of our employers, starting from the nasi kandar and kopitiam joints, to start employing only locals and to make it attractive for locals to work.

The Government should work out some sort of top-up scheme because these employers would find it difficult to pay much higher wages to the locals.

Or, perhaps, jobs in the catering and estate sectors should be reserved for SPM holders who should spend at least a year or two working in these sectors to save money before they go to college.

This is happening in many countries where those working in fast food outlets do so to save money to go to college.

As for the construction sector, more academies and training centres should be set up to enable Malaysians to learn the various skills needed in this sector.



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