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Friday, January 29, 2010

In the dark over new fuel subsidy policy

I BELIEVE that one of the most- talked-about topics now is what’s going to happen come May 1 when the Government implements the new fuel subsidy policy.

Not much has been revealed up to now, and most of us are speculating on what will happen when the dreaded day arrives.

Many concerned citizens have been voicing out their recommendations or objections to the new policy.

Just this morning when I was driving to work, I heard over the radio that world crude oil prices were currently on a downward trend.

If my memory doesn’t fail me, the Government had announced a year ago that fuel prices in Malaysia will be reviewed fortnightly and will be adjusted according to the world prices with a 30-sen subsidy.

What happens to the fortnightly review now?

Every now and then we are told that up to RM1bil is used to subsidise our fuel annually. Should the Government feel that the fuel subsidy is truly a burden, it should do away with the subsidy.



- sepatutnya kalau kita kira janji macam tu laa..akan sentiasa direview ikut harga pasaran..tapi betul kata Tun M, melayu mudah lupa..

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