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Friday, January 8, 2010

Increase in price of bread ridiculous

ON the first day of the New Year, the newspaper headlines shouted “Sugar up 20 sen”. I thought to myself what a great way to start a new year and little did I know how quickly some companies would jump into action and start charging more for their goods.

Later when my father went to buy Gardenia Butterscotch bread, he was shocked to see a 20% price increase from RM4 to RM4.50.

Since RM4.50 was just too much to pay for a loaf of bread, he bought the normal white bread which cost 20 sen more.

A 20 sen increase per kilo of sugar was what we all read and understood in newspaper reports, so why are bread companies charging 20 sen more per loaf of white bread? Do they really put in one kilo of sugar per loaf of bread? And for the Gardenia Butterscotch bread, an increase of 50 sen would mean that two and a half kilos of sugar were used to bake one loaf of bread.

It is ridiculous considering that only a minimal amount of sugar is used in the baking of what we believe to be a healthy food.

Many families take bread for their breakfast. For a big supplier of bread, charging 20 sen more for a loaf of white bread is going to rake in lots of profit for the company.

During these difficult times, shouldn’t companies at least try to exercise their social responsibility by absorbing the hike in sugar price instead of jumping on the wagon by overpricing their products at the expense of poor consumers?



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