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Monday, January 11, 2010

It’s all a crazy mind game against football fans

I FIND it strange that many Malaysians are ardent fans and fanatics of some of the football clubs in England. They are willing to spend long hours watching football matches on satellite television and waking up groggy the next morning.

They also wear their favourite football team’s T-shirt and shirts or jackets with patches of their favourite club logos. Their vehicles are also stuck with stickers of these clubs.

Some have even named their children after their favourite strikers and other players.

During the World Cup finals, many of them suddenly change their loyalty and support whatever country they choose.

How could anyone in his right mind think of supporting a foreign country as if he is a citizen of that country? How could anyone be so passionate in giving his undivided support for a football club of a foreign country?

And how come I am not into all these?

I do not have any interest in supporting any English league football club or foreign country during the World Cup finals and the reason is because of my advertising background. I realise that all of this happens because of some ingenious advertising campaigns by the agencies who know the real weaknesses of many Malaysians.

So they devise an advertising strategy to attract their attention and distract them from other more important things in life and become ardent fans of a new game of brand loyalty.

So, I hope those who claim to be fanatics of those foreign clubs and countries be fully aware that they are mere victims of shrewd advertising campaigns.


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