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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Leaders need to meet and resolve differences

WHAT I have been reading in the newspapers and the Internet these days really worries me and, I believe, many others too.

We hear 1Malaysia everywhere we go but what is happening is the opposite. Our leaders have asked us not to speculate but we can see and read, can’t we?

I am a Muslim and I went to an English-medium school. When my father was posted to Sabah in the mid-60s, I was even enrolled into a missionary school where we had to sing hymns almost every morning and I had to study scripture as a subject.

That, to me, was a blessing in disguise because when I grew older, I understand people who worship other religions. However, that did not turn me into a Christian.

Those days, there were very few Muslim women or girls in tudung, We had no National Service but in school, we mixed as school children, not as boys and girls of different races.

Yet we did not have any social problem except for the May 13 incident in 1969. I was too young to understand the reason for the disturbances but maybe it was more political rather than racial.

My house is now facing a Gospel Hall and a Surau and when I held wedding receptions for my two boys in my house recently, there were friends from all walks of life professing different religions present.

I am calling all the leaders, political, religious, community or otherwise, to please sit down and work something out rather than simply saying, “Yes, you can and no, you can’t do this or that.” If the leaders cannot sit down and solve the differences, how do you expect us the people to solve the problems among ourselves?

We all love this beautiful country of ours and we do not want it to go to the dogs.


Kuala Lumpur.

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