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Friday, January 8, 2010

Little protection for employers of maids

THERE we go again with another incidence of a maid having gone berserk. She has tried to burn a house down and she is just 14!

The problems caused by foreign maids, especially Indonesians, are getting from bad to worse. We have maids causing physical harm to the employers and abusing kids under their charge and lots more.

I paid close to RM9,000 to get my maid, and just six months into employment, she scooted, leaving me and my family in utter dismay. She was extraordinarily good in her work and my younger son was very attached to her. I treated her like my own daughter, and yet she did not think twice about doing what she did.

Let me tell you that the government-to-government settlement on the issue with Indonesia may not be concluded as yet, but Indonesians seeking employment here are wasting no time and finding other means of getting into this country.

I know a group of Indonesian girls who are here on tourist visa and are fishing for prospective employers to work with. Their demands are sky-high.

To begin with, the employer will need to apply to convert their tourist permits into work permits and when everything is done, they would probably run off and there will be no end to this.

When we report a runaway maid, the police tell us point blank that finding them would be impossible. The police report becomes a mere formality and the cost is on the employer’s time and effort.

To add salt to injury, having lost the initial sum in procuring the maid by legal means and then being left stranded with no domestic help, the employer is further slapped with a fine by the Immigration Department for the runaway maid.

Where is the protection and justice for the employer?


Petaling Jaya.

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