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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Long, long wait for Tekun loan

MUCH has been heard and said about the millions in financial assistance and allocations for Indian entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Newspaper reports often mention these loans and allocations being provided to help the Indian business community, but where do these allocations really end up?

My wife and I applied for the Tekun loan but there was no acknowledgement of receipt or notice on the status of the application. We contacted the MIC office in Kuala Lumpur, and only then were we told the application had been received and was being processed, and we should be getting a reply in about three months.

After the three-month period, we called again and this time the reply was that the first batch had already been approved and all allocations had been distributed. We were told to wait for the next allocation.

We called again after two months and this time we were told that all allocations would be handled by the state MIC branch.

It’s already been eight months since we applied for the loan, and until now we are still waiting. A few of our friends who applied for the same Tekun loan are also in this predicament.

Do these financial allocations reach the genuine Indian entrepreneurs, or do they end up in the wrong hands along the way?


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