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Monday, January 18, 2010

Make sure petrol scheme is practical

IT IS good to know that the Government is to implement a scheme using the MyKad to control the sale of petrol from May. Before it introduces that in the market, can the Government consider a few points?

Is there any limit on a MyKad holder pumping petrol in any one day or within a certain period?

This is because a MyKad holder may have several vehicles registered in his name, for example, a Proton Wira (1300cc), a Honda Accord (2000cc), and a Toyota Camry (2400cc) or Mercedes Benz (3200cc).

In the morning, he pumps petrol into his Mercedes to go to work and in the evening uses his Proton Wira to go out, pumping petrol at the same petrol kiosk in his housing area.

Meanwhile, his wife may use the Honda Accord for shopping and needs to fill up, too.

So, if there is no limitation of use of a MyKad for pumping petrol, then any foreigner can borrow a MyKad to pump petrol without anyone noticing, unless an enforcement officer is stationed to check on the details of the MyKad holder.

I do not think the petrol kiosk attendants (most of whom are foreigners, too) are authorised to check anyone’s identity card.

I wonder how the Government is to segregate the pumps in a petrol station in accordance with the different capacities of the cars if there are only two or three kiosks available in one station, especially in rural areas.

I hope the Government will conduct a trial run to make sure it is practical and accepted by the public before implementing the proposal nationwide. Otherwise, money will be wasted and the public inconvenienced.


Kuala Lumpur.

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