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Monday, January 18, 2010


BESUT: Here’s a hard to believe tale — a Public Works Department retiree here is claiming that an ancient Chinese bowl which he inherited has magical powers and can even cure erectile dysfunction.

The bowl, believed to date back to the 16th century, was given to his ancestors probably by traders from China, says Mohd Nor Daud, 70.

He claimed that even seawater could turn into freshwater that was safe for consumption if stored in the bowl for eight hours.

“Those suffering from illnesses like impotence can be cured if the water in the bowl is consumed,” he said.

Mohd Nor said cooked food such as chicken curry could be kept in the bowl for days without refrigeration — and the food would not go bad.

“I have tested it myself. Surprisingly, the food can be preserved for days. It’s like being stored in a refrigerator,” he said.

His father who died years ago had told him that the bowl had supernatural powers.

“He asked me to treasure it until my last breath.”

His father also revealed to him that his great-grandfather had given him the bowl, he added.

Mohd Nor from Kampung Seberang Jerteh, said the bowl, measuring 132cm and 16cm, would also produce a violin-like melody when it was slowly tilted to its side.

He also said those who intend to hold the bowl must clean their hands thoroughly or they would not even be able to lift it.

Mohd Nor also claimed that an old man appeared in his dream once, revealing to him how to use the bowl to cure illnesses.

However, he said he was unable to comprehend the message in the dream.

He has been keeping the bowl safely and “would hand it to my children when the time is right.”

Mohd Nor said a relic collector from Kelantan had offered him RM5,000 for the bowl but he had refused to sell it.


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