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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Questions and comments about the system

> If one can only receive fuel subsidy for a lower capacity (cc) car, what’s there to prevent those who own two cars – one luxury and one cheap – claiming the subsidy on the cheaper car and using the fuel for the expensive car?

> If they are going to introduce the two-tier pricing system, I will fill petrol in my wife’s smaller car and then siphon it into my car.

> Who is going to monitor the price at the pump to prevent abuse? What about the huge majority who use credit cards? Isn’t this going to be a big strain on petrol stations?

> Isn’t the process of linking the car type to the MyKad a hugely labour-intensive pro­cess? We all know of the long queues daily at the Registration Department. Will the Govern­ment ensure that the entire nation’s registration process will be expedient? What if I upgrade/downgrade my car – will I have to wait months before the change is registered in the MyKad?

> Rather than using a system that is open to abuse (dependent on capacity), why not add a loading charge on road tax corresponding to the actual value of the car? This way, people with expensive cars will pay more, not cc-dependent. Alternatively, embed all the information (car price, cc) on bar code/RFID tag on the road tax. Each sale will require a scan to determine the price.

> One way to reduce amount spent on subsidies is to reduce nationwide consumption – where are the incentives for low cc, economical or hybrid cars? Shouldn’t the Government be encouraging economical use of fuel? I do not agree with the point that the lower income group who use a lot of petrol will be burdened if there is a cap on the amount of subsidised petrol. You use more, you pay more.

> How are they going to work it out for hire cars? Malaysians working away from their base do hire cars for their convenience.

> Will the same principle apply for owners of motorbikes? There are lots of foreign labourers, Indonesians included, who travel on motorbikes.

> If I drive an old car which has a big capacity (for example the old Volvo 240, Mercedes Benz) and can’t afford to buy a new car, do I still pay the full amount?

> What if my car is in the workshop and I have to borrow a relative’s car: do I have to pay more for petrol because the subsidy is only valid for one car according to one’s MyKad?

> How about a foreigner who is visiting and driving a Malaysian friend’s car? Is he expected to carry the friend’s MyKad with him when he goes to fill up? Furthermore, there are Malaysian residents holding red ICs. Where do they fit in?

> Why don’t they classify cars not according to capacity but type, luxury car, for example?

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