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Monday, January 18, 2010

Serious subject matter

I REFER to “Students turn on teacher” (The Star, Jan 16). Is this just another ordinary or common news report? No? So, I strongly urge all Malaysians to take this matter seriously.

My son just entered Year One, and this week, only his second week in school, I have seen a few seven-year-old boys bully other children by punching, pinching and pulling their hair.

Two boys fought, punching and kicking each other until their faces were swollen, and spectacles broken. A teacher just talked to both of them, telling them not to fight anymore.

How have all these kids been brought up at home? Have they been bullied or tortured by their parents or family? I think all this is a sign of a mentally sick and unhealthy childhood.

I think the Education Minister, school principals, teachers and most importantly parents should really take such matters seriously.

Nowadays, most teachers would just do their part in teaching to protect themselves, because a lot of over-protective parents would make a big fuss when their kids are punished by the teacher.

There have been cases of complaints against teachers having been brought up even before the Education Minister, with parents wanting the teachers to be transferred out.

Teachers should be given some authority to punish students to a certain extent but not to injure them, which unfortunately happened in some cases. If the rotan doesn’t work, punishment like sweeping the halls, cleaning up the school or other school-related chores should be considered.

To those parents who have been over pampering your “spoilt kids” please wake up now, or else home school your kids yourself.

To the Education Minister, I wish there is a clear guideline for parents, principals, teachers, and most importantly students on punishment, as nowadays a lot of teachers will just ignore or close one eye when encountering problem students so as to safeguard themselves and their jobs.

Also, the public welfare officer should be involved to provide counselling to errant children.


Petaling Jaya.

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