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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Solve problems, stop wastage of public funds

I REFER to Marisa Demori’s letter “Govt cannot function minus the taxes” (The Star, Jan 10.) Where was she when the following took place in our country:

> The Government’s introduction of Key Performance Index to address problems of crime, corruption, education, poverty, infrastructure and public transport. If these are not problems why introduce the KPIs?

> Port Klang Free Trade Zone scandal in which RM3bil may be involved.

> The Auditor-General’s report for 2008 which implies RM28bil of public funds could have been lost.

> The MACC report of the diversion of up to 60% of Federal funds in Sarawak.

> The two jet engines, missing in 2007, only surfacing recently.

> Barry Wain’s book claiming that RM100bil could have been lost and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s response that it could not be more than RM10bil.

Jessica Ong’s letter “Ad campaign an insult to us taxpayers” did not have a single hint that we should not be taxed but lamented that despite “abundant natural resources such as oil, land, water, rubber, timber, palm oil and minerals” she is not feeling that we had “received so much... (to) appreciate the bounty of our fortune.” Perhaps the above are the reasons why Jessica and a whole lot of us do not feel that we had received so much as claimed by the advertisement. She did not say that “Malaysians have almost nothing to be grateful for.”

May I ask why the KPIs if these key results aimed for are not serio us problems we are facing?Is she not worried about those incidents listed above?

Additionally, tin is gone, rubber struggling, timber depleting, oil finishing over the next decade or two, leaving palm oil. Can we afford more excesses, leakages, diversions? Shouldn’t we unite in one voice in support of those who dared to raise these issues and make sure that similar abuses do not happen again?

Interestingly, a letter from VRK “A dozen wishes for the New Year” was published on the same day, calling for roads free of pot holes, nation building, non-partisan politics, expeditious and fair performance from civil service and better efficiency. Why should VRK make these wishes if they are not his concerns and concerns of many Malaysians. Are these not problems facing us?

Do we have to be satisfied if we are better than some African or South American countries? Do we only sound the alarm when we become another Zimbabwe or Somali? What should be our targets for Wawasan 2020?

My point is that as there are many indications of possible leakages, wastage, diversions of public funds, we need to put a stop to these quickly. Additional taxes should be well thought out so that they would not penalise the already marginalised social economic groups. Are we over demanding or ungrateful to voice these views?


Kuala Lumpur.

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