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Friday, January 15, 2010

Survey: Cost of living, salary and debt main concerns for Malaysians

Cost of living, salary changes and personal debt are the top three financial worries for Malaysians, a survey by global payment firm Visa found.

In the survey conducted between Aug 21 and Sept 23 last year, 69% of Malaysians said they were extremely concerned about the cost of living expenses while 62% and 59% were worried about salary changes and personal debt respectively. “Malaysians were less worried about the value of their retirement fund and portfolio, and fluctuating interest rates,” the company said in a statement here yesterday.

However, 25% of those surveyed also said they were more confident about their personal financial situation compared to six months earlier although 52% felt there would be no change.

Only 23% indicated they were less confident than earlier.

Sixty-six per cent of Malaysians also said they were more concerned about the impact of the global financial crisis on the local economy.

The survey involved 5,520 respondents aged between 18 and 65 years, of whom 500 were from Malaysia.

The rest were from Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan.

Visa country manager Stuart Tomlinson said Malaysians were being practical during the current economic climate by focusing on managing their concerns, providing themselves with a level of security and peace of mind.

“For Malaysians, potential changes in salary levels are also of concern,” he said, adding that across the region, consumers were looking to see how they could manage their expenses, savings and job security, rather than macro-economic conditions such as exchange and interest rates.

Other Marhain views:

>MIA poser

Missing Chennai Indians.This shows the inefficiencies and weaknesses of the

immigration dept. If proper records are maintained, how could this happen? – Subra

Why target Chennai Indians? What about the many

unaccounted for China dolls and Indonesian MIA? – Haema, PD

>Bribery shame

What? Magistrate as young as 29 yrs old charged for bribery? This is bad news and does not augur well for justice.

>Traffic suggestions

MPK pls fine cars parked along Jln Tengku Kelana to reduce traffic jam in Klang. – Motorist

Pls consider a U-turn at Taman Templer Saujana. Residents have 2 go far just to do a U-turn into housing estate.

>Abandoned parent

57-yr-old Abd Rahman Talib who had just undergone heart surgery abandoned by his son by roadside. What a shame? May his own children also do d same 2 him.

Read with much grief and anger de story of de couple who can abandon an aged dad! dis son n daughter-in-law ought to be punished severely, ungrateful!

To d man who abandoned his ayah after he had heart

surgery, i pray dat God will hav mercy on him.

>Keep Malaysia clean

Authority should make it

compulsory 4 all mobile

traders, street hawkers 2 sweep n clean area b4 dey close stalls. Else, suspend licence temporarily. Educate and enforce cleanliness habit.

>Help Haitians

Smart team shld be on its way to Haiti. If not, pls pack your equipment n dogs. A little thing means a lot to our humankind half a world away from us. – KW

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