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Monday, January 4, 2010

Trained health professionals are as good

MALAYSIA has made a step forward with the community clinic to be managed by trained health professionals. I disagree with the MMA that only doctors must be in charge of clinics (“MMA: 1Malaysia community clinics a step backward” – The Star, Dec 24).

In countries like Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Britain and the United States, medical specialists are now working with patients and acknowledging them as “expert patients”.

Unfortunately in Malaysia, many doctors are still trapped in a “Third World mentality” and continue to see themselves as above every other health personnel; and, sadly, they still cannot work with their counterparts.

With escalating healthcare costs, the Malaysian Government must do more to ensure the man-in-the street is not further burdened. Many things can be implemented:

> Enact a law liberating other health professionals and empowering them to be up to par with doctors.

> The Higher Education Ministry should initiate timely specialised clinical programmes along the latest global benchmark for these grossly neglected health professionals.

> Provide competency training to increase the standards so that nurses and medical assistants can run these community clinics cost effectively for the nation.

In fact, some of the community clinics should be run by chartered chiropractitioners, physiotherapists, medical occupational therapists and licensed speech therapists.

In developed countries, these personnel run their own community clinics and help cut down medical expenses significantly.

So, a thumbs-up to the Health Ministry for its plans with the 1Malaysia Community Clinics.

Hopefully, with the new year, the Health Ministry can speed up strategies and budgets to upgrade, liberate, and empower these long neglected useful, cost-effective health personnel for the well-being of all Malaysians.



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