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Friday, January 15, 2010

Treated like a foreigner in own country

AS a disabled person, I used to work hard to earn a living to support my family without any help from any sector.

Last December, I brought my wife, a Sabahan, and my children back to Sandakan from Kelantan, hoping to stay there permanently.

However, when I was about to start a new business, I was not treated as a Malaysian. I was not allowed to include my name in the company, only my wife could. I also need a work pass to work in Sandakan because I am not a Sabahan. There are other restrictions as well.

It means that I need a company to act as my guarantor. Only then can I have my business running. And this also means higher start-up costs.

Why am I being treated like a foreigner in my own country? Where is my right as a Malaysian?

I must also add that the town councils have not implemented the regulations for developers to provide proper pathways for disabled people in every township in Sandakan.

Tanah Merah.

** for everyone's info, Sabah State Government only permit Sabahan to operate any businesses in any part of Sabah, not only Sandakan.. maybe this is the agreement when they agree to join malaysia..but i think that today, certain agreement shud be revoke for others benefits..sometimes i wonder there's everyone from everyparts of this lovely country come to my hometown in perak to settle down their life and live happily..and the best part is, we dont have any restrictions like this..a truly 1Malaysia..we dont need permit to all malaysian to work in perak..

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