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Thursday, February 4, 2010

ATM users display third-class mentality

MORE and more people are using the ATM (automated teller machine) cards for their basic banking needs. Young and old have learnt enough to be comfortable and ‘operational’ in front of such machines.

Most transactions are done without help from any bank personnel. The process is speedy and it is neat.

This is as it should be as we advance towards a more progressive and scientific Malaysia as stipulated in Vision 2020.

But hold back a little. Just pay a visit to any of these ATM sites after a weekend or a long holiday break. You will see the most disturbing sight – pieces of ATM receipts/slips strewn all over the floor.

Apparently, our ATM users are not bothered to retrieve the slip as it comes out of the slot. Or, the slip is one paper too many to be carried in their pockets.

Not that the bank has not provided a waste paper basket for the weary to throw their slips into. Transactions done, money taken and the slips are just left at the slot or thrown on the floor! This is a typical Malaysian in action!

Another case of ‘first-class infrastructure, third-class maintenance culture’!

Makes you wonder if we have really become a computer literate or a littering society!



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