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Friday, February 19, 2010

Caning ‘has done us a world of good’

Ayu, Aishah and Nur (not their real names) are not at all upset they were caned under the Syariah law for committing illicit sex.

The punishment at the Kajang Prison did not leave physical scars on their bodies.

The three, aged between 18 and mid-20s, had each delivered a child out of wedlock.

They had surrendered themselves to the Federal Terrority Religious Department (Jawi).

Ayu, who was released from Kajang Prison last Sunday, said the caning was not painful and was over in a few minutes.

“I truly am sorry for committing the sin and I have repented. I feel that it is my responsibility to remind my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters not to commit sin, and that is why I am sharing my experience,” she told reporters yesterday.

Ayu was sentenced to a RM1,000 fine and caned four times.

She had heard about Muslims being caned for committing religious offences but never thought that such punishment really existed.

On Wednesday, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein confirmed that three Muslim women were caned last Tuesday for engaging in illicit sex, making them the first women in Malaysia to receive such punishment under Syariah law.

The issue of caning of women had ignited a fierce debate in the country after 32-year-old Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno was sentenced to be caned for drinking beer last July.

The sentence against her has yet to be executed.

Aishah, 18, surrendered herself to Jawi last December after her child, who was born prematurely, died.

The Syariah Court had sentenced her to six months jail, RM3,000 fine and six strokes of the rotan.

“I know I have sinned and I have to be punished. Strangely however, I felt that the caning was not a form of punishment but was an opportunity for me to repent and return to the right path,” she said.

The third offender, Nur, who has a three-year-old toddler, said although she had wanted to make things right by marrying her lover, she took a long time to do so as she could not find her father to give her away.

“However, I know that is not an excuse. I know that I am wrong. Now is the time for me to be a good and faithful Muslim,” said Nur who was sentenced to 30 days jail and six strokes of the rotan.


1. org yg kena rotan pun bersyukur bila dah kena rotan, apasal ramai sangat yg bising2 pasal hak wanita dsb.

2. ramai jugak yg bukan islam mempersoalkan, depa ni non muslim memang la xkan paham, tgjwab pihak kerajaan utk bagi kefahaman utk yg bukan islam.

3. yg puak islam macam SIS apa kejadahnya nak mempersoalkan..inikan hukum islam..jgn main2 dengan hukum dan jgn mempersoalkan hukum, ini bukan soal hak kemanusiaan..bilangan rotan tu pun sebenarnya tak memadai lagi bilangannya..

4. ramai sangat hari ni yg jahil pasal hukum islam..patut la ramai yg tak bertudung tapi pi semayang...

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