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Friday, February 19, 2010

Concerns over use of MyKad to buy petrol

PETALING JAYA: Several consumers have offered suggestions and expressed concerns over the new fuel subsidy scheme using MyKad to purchase petrol.

Multimedia University faculty of creative multimedia assistant lecturer Avijit Paul proposed that the Government allow MyKad to function like a reload facility to pay for fuel.

“This can avoid hassle and congestion at petrol stations.

“You load a value first and use it later. Car owners will normally know how much they spend for petrol. So they can reload it upfront,” he said in an e-mail to The Star yesterday.

“This can save cost and won’t create hassle and congestion as you don’t need to go through many verification processes and extra devices,” he added.

Another consumer David Yong questioned whether those having foreign spouses could use their MyKad to buy fuel for their husbands or wives.

“Having read a recent article in your daily, I am concerned about the Government asking consumers to buy petrol using MyKad. What happens if the consumer is a foreigner without a MyKad, like my wife from Canada. Do I have to do the refuelling for her?”

He hopes the Government will consider the scheme very carefully before implementing it.

“It may backfire and cause more frustration. Why not just simply adjust the pricing of petrol based on market rates, just like most Western countries,” he said.


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