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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Consider training and hiring our locals first

I CAN’T agree more with TK Chua on his “We’ve been too quick to hire foreign labour” (The Star, Feb 9).

He threw four solid arguments to prove that employers are hiring foreign labour due to cheap costs, rather than productivity.

I definitely agree that if only these foreign workers are paid similar wages and enjoy similar working conditions as the locals, then only can we compare their productivity with the locals. After all, we surely don’t want our country to go backward, where labour-intensive sectors dominate our economy.

I believe most Malaysians are already tired of complaining about foreign workers, especially illegals. But it seems that such complaints just fall on deaf ears.

The authorities simply decide to put on hold raiding operations on illegals after hearing the appeals by business owners.

Does this mean that the business owners are all hiring illegals? If not, why should they be worried about the raids?

Do their profits ever contribute to counter the losing billions that the country is suffering from hiring illegals, not to mention the social ills that they bring?

I am so upset to read “New foreign workers approved after appeals by firms” (The Star, Feb 6) and “Talks to bring in maids from Mindanao” (The Star, Feb 7).

I wonder whether our beloved country has achieved full employment already. Are our youths all gainfully employed that we are so desperate and need to hire even teenagers from foreign countries?

Have single mothers ever considered taking up domestic jobs? Has anyone thought of a training centre for local maids?

I beg the authorities to please consider our own people. Do something to curb the influx of foreign workers, especially the illegals.



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