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Thursday, February 11, 2010

It takes hard work to make a marriage work

ARE more marriages today ending in failure? At a recent Marriage and Divorce Tribunal panel meeting, I noted that people are seeking divorces for a number of reasons; some are acceptable and others are not.

I do not understand this phenomenon. To me, getting married isn’t everything as marriages must be sustained and worked on. As it is said, marriage is very much a matter of “two walking together”. Is this so today?

And sometimes we have a marriage in which the partners want to walk different paths. It is usually this kind of conflict that tests a marriage. And can these stress points be negotiated without training, support skills, or follow-up assistance?

We acknowledge today that marriage requires skills and qualities such as good communications, understanding, appreciation and give-and-take, as well as understanding the process of marriage itself.

Contrary to the assumption that everything will naturally come together in a relationship, the fact is it takes some hard work.

Education before marriage can highlight the strengths, weaknesses and uniqueness of each party, helping them to better understand their partners and their relationship together. We each have our own opinions, tastes, prejudices, and backgrounds. We are individuals bound together in the most intimate and demanding relationship.

Successful marriages are not “perfect” or “made in heaven” but well managed. The partners accept the realities of day-to-day life, and work for the common good of the partnership.



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