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Thursday, February 11, 2010

ptptn loans should be available to all

PTPTN should not pick and choose its borrowers as the needy will be left out because they do not have connections to ensure that they would be picked.

According to British Immigration, many Malaysian medical students have been abusing their student visas as they stayed back in the UK to work or take a specialist course. And among these students are JPA scholars.

Please do away with the JPA scholarships for overseas studies. If students really want to further their education overseas, grant them loans which they have to service upon graduation.

Money allocated for JPA scholarships overseas should then be channelled to PTPTN as in this way, all students who apply for PTPTN loans will be able to get the loans required.

Why deprive the poor who needs the loans from PTPTN and yet the top scholars are given enormous amounts to further their studies overseas? Be fair to all, be they the poor, average students or the nation’s top scholars!


Kuala Lumpur.

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