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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review our education system

MALAYSIA is undergoing rapid changes brought on by globalisation. Being endowed with a diverse population with different religions, cultural practices and historical backgrounds, we are in a better position to move forward and accept globalisation.

This is indeed one of our strengths that has been acknowledged by prominent leaders and tourists alike.

In every strata of life in Malaysia today, we are exposed to changes which are positive but also bad in certain areas. It is affecting everyone and this is why good leadership at every level is vital to steer us to a new paradigm.

And we need leaders with foresight to face reality and most importantly, to practise the accepted values of integrity, discipline and accountability. We need such leaders in all fields and disciplines.

However, producing leaders who can think, act and practise such virtues demands a good all-rounded education system. Presently, our education system has failed to meet our expectations.

In short, our education system is not ready for globalisation which is inevitable and which means our graduates and work force would lose out in many areas of employment unless we act immediately.

We need to review and change our education system, curriculum and culture immediately.

South Korea, Turkey and Taiwan, just to name a few, are excellent models to follow. And our education system must be politically free with the best experts charting the course.

If we don’t take immediate steps to rectify this, I can see a bleak future ahead.

Just look at the human capital and education system of all nations and you can predict their future.

If we continue with the current system, we will stagnate and in 20 or 30 years from now, we would probably be on the same level as the least developed nations. Do we have a choice?


Johor Baru.

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