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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Simply too cheap to pay for security

I REFER to the letter “Lawless in the name of security” (The Star, Feb 24).

The writer says it is wrong to assume that residents who do not participate in the gated and guarded scheme are not concerned about security.

He says they are concerned but do not subscribe to lawlessness in the name of security.

My view is that if they are so concerned about security, they should show up at the residents’ association meetings to put forward their views on how the scheme can be implemented with the least inconvenience, and also suggest ways to solve the lawlessness issue.

They should be committee members and see for themselves the attitude of some residents. Some even refuse to see us when we approach them to highlight the security scheme.

Just the mention of money will scare them even though they own expensive cars.

Take a look in your area and see how many residents switch on their back lights at night. Imagine how hard it is to ask them to switch on their porch lights too.

Residents who are really concerned about security will come for meetings and even those who do not attend will show their support by joining the security scheme because they are worried about their safety.

They will demonstrate their concern by switching on at least their back lights after midnight.

Residents who are not security conscious will come up with common excuses such as they are only renting the house or they cannot afford to pay. Some even tell you point blank that they are not interested.

Assuming that 85% of the residents agree to a security scheme, what about the other 15%? Are they concerned? Your guess is as good as mine.


Petaling Jaya.

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