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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A big hassle to do business in M’sia

THE recent Sunday Star Focus piece talked about easing the cost of doing business in Malaysia. I agree but think it is also important to reduce the hassle of doing business here.

The Government should make it easier for businesses to comply to rules and pay its dues and carry on lawful businesses which benefit the nation.

We have many rules and regulations that do not make sense. The stamp duty office, for example, does not accept cheques.

If you are a filmmaker, there are so many forms to fill and submit.

You need a licence from Finas and from KDN to submit your movie for censorship as the Finas licence is not enough. You also need to apply for a certificate to begin filming.

One gets the feeling that some of the rules are designed to make life easier for the government departments rather then serve the taxpayers and rakyat.

We need to fill up forms and pay payroll tax, EPF and Sosco to different departments. Why can’t all these forms be combined into one?

We have far too many departments taking care of regulations and supervision which have become a big hassle to doing business in Malaysia.


Kuala Lumpur.

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