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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Free health care should be for all

I HAVE always wondered why pensions and free health care are only for civil services.

Everyone contributes to the national coffer via income and corporate taxes, sales and stamp duty and many other charges and therefore, the benefits from pension and health care must be shared by everyone.

Why are such benefits provided exclusively to civil servants? In fact, statistics show that in percentage, civil service pay less taxes than the private sector.

Is there anything in the Constitu­tion that says only civil servants are entitled to these benefits? And in addition, there are cheaper loans for car and home purchases that only civil servants are entitled to.

Our Whitehall type civil service which originates from colonial days is not the reason. In the UK, state pension and free health care is open to all, of course via the National Insurance contributions,

Our system makes it look like the rest of the country is paying for the 1.2 million odd people in the country.

Since we can’t afford pension for all, everyone should be on the EPF scheme and all Malaysian citizens/taxpayers should have access to free health care.

Kuala Lumpur.

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