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Friday, March 19, 2010

Here’s a suggestion: Act on suggestions

ARE suggestion boxes today getting obsolete? Do we need them any more as we now have other ways to send messages such as e-mail, SMS, Facebook and Twitter?

And how often are suggestion boxes opened and the contents in them attended to?

Some time ago, the Chief Secretary to the Government paid a surprise visit to a municipal council. Accompanied by the council’s president, he inspected the suggestion boxes there. He found only two suggestions, one undated!

That shows that the boxes had not been opened for months! Can our officers open the boxes regularly and act on their contents?

Recently I noticed a suggestion box at a government agency with cigarette butts and a broken pencil in it.

And I also noticed an empty suggestion box at a bank and was told that no one had put in any suggestion for months.

Is this what these boxes are for? What good can they be if we treat them like this? We might as well do away with them.


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