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Friday, March 19, 2010

Ipoh pushed to back burner for way too long

PERSONALLY, I believe Ipoh deserves more than a small portion of both economic and social benefits. In fact, for a town of 750,000, Ipoh should be much more prosperous and should also be able to offer many more opportunities to its citizens than it presently does: “Boost for Perak economy” (The Star, March 18).

The achievement of a state or a country is only as big as the visions of their leaders, and if the leaders themselves prefer to think small, the feature will not be that great at all.

Perak and its capital, Ipoh, are beautifully situated and naturally endowed. One indeed wonders why Ipoh residents are dished out the same unappealing fare day after day, and why they must travel to Kuala Lumpur for variety and sometimes even for the necessities.

Young graduates from Ipoh lack opportunities to work in their hometown and are forced to leave their families and seek employment in the federal capital. Business, education and entertainment opportunities in Ipoh are also quite limited.

Although the town has an interesting historical centre, little or no effort is made to preserve heritage buildings that could be a great tourist attraction if restored and used adequately. In short, Ipoh is beautiful but it has no life. It is about time the leaders think about getting Ipoh out of the woods. In case you haven’t noticed, this is 2010 and we would expect some kind of modernisation, variety, and standard.

No one would dispute the role of good public transport in enriching the life of the people, both economically and socially.

I believe no excuse can be accepted to justify Ipoh not having an up-to-date, functional, and easily accessible airport with flights that connect the Perak capital to other major towns and to the nearest international destinations as well.

Flights from Ipoh to Kuala Lum­pur and Penang should be readily available and complemented by efficient ground services, such as taxis and buses, that would make the running of both business and entertainment easy, profitable and pleasurable.

Ipoh is tired of taking a back seat, and the people of Ipoh deserve better. Leaders, please observe, listen and take the right kind of action.


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