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Monday, March 22, 2010

Masseuses don’t work in sexy clothes

THE police have done a good job in cracking down on prostitution and other vice activities: “Vice activities booming in Miri” (The Star, March 20). They must be lauded for their determination to continue operations against prostitution and other vices.

However, prostitution is not only mushrooming in foot massage centres, but also carried out in respectable and legitimate spas and health centres in three to five-star hotels.

Scantily-clad girls are paraded in front of customers and once booked, sexual services are provided in the privacy of hotel rooms at around RM250 per session. Sometimes, bookings can be done in advance via phone and customers are directed straight to hotels.

This is why police in raids conducted on these respectable spas and health centres never catch these prostitutes red-handed. Their services are carried out discreetly behind the closed doors of hotel rooms.

Just by looking at these girls, the police should be able to tell whether hanky-panky or legitimate massage is carried out in these so-called health centres. A skilled masseuse does not need to wear sexy, revealing clothes just to provide a good massage.

Perhaps the owners of such places are wealthy businessmen with connections (“GROs getting RM300 a night” – The Star, March 20), which is why raids are done without anyone getting caught, and the culprits get away scot free to carry on business as usual.

Even married men and students solicit the services of these prostitutes. Think of the bad repercussions of addiction to prostitutes, such as broken marriages and sexually transmitted diseases.

The police should come down hard on these so-called spas and health centres if they are serious about wiping out prostitution. Their licences should be revoked, not just stern warnings given, if they continue to provide such services.

Subang Jaya.

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