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Monday, March 15, 2010

Motor insurance claims tend to ‘penalise’ innocent party

THERE has been talk that the regulators are going to revamp motor insurance soon and the Bar Council is calling for details to be revealed at an early stage to ensure there will be proper inputs. It’s important that this happens as currently, the process is often cumbersome and tends to penalise the innocent party.

I have at many times dealt with insurance claims and not even once was I satisfied with the service received or the speed it took to settle them. The insured party seldom replies to letters. They just ignore them knowing very well one will then chase up the insurers. Transport and bus companies are notorious for this.

From the start to finish, it is a harrowing and needlessly time-wasting experience. It starts at the point of accident, the waiting at the police station to make reports, the need to go to the JPJ to get insurance details and then trying to get a response from the insurers who generally are in no hurry to resolve the case.

Can’t the police insist the parties provide the insurance details as these columns are already listed in the police report? It will save a lot of hassle.

In some countries, a police report is not needed unless injury to a person happened. It is all settled between insurance companies, you just call your adjusters and the car is repaired in no time.

Here, it is a constant battle getting insurers to speed up your claims. Since we have already paid the premium, whether it is our own insurance or somebody else’s, why the delay?

I believe there should be a time frame during which insurance claims must be settled. There should be punitive and special damages for dragging matters. Reckless drivers should also be subject to civil action and compensatory damages so that they will be more careful in the future.

Currently, they just don’t care as they still pay the same premium yearly and are quite arrogant about it when involved in an accident. All parties must be legally obliged to provide information to the other party without delay.


Kuala Lumpur.

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