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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Report cabbies who refuse to use the meter

WITH reference to the letter “No haggling sign is just for show,” (The Star, March 29), I would like to share a similar encounter on March 27 at around 3pm at the very same spot – the bus stop in front of IOI Mall in Puchong.

My girlfriend and I wanted to go to the Honda service centre about 2km away to pick up my car and there were more than five taxis waiting in line for passengers.

I approached one of the taxi drivers who demanded RM15 for the trip.

I refused to give in and decided to ask another cabbie.

This driver told me in a harsh tone that not a single taxi driver in the line will use the meter, adding that I could ask them all if I didn’t believe him.

Feeling frustrated, I decided to stop a taxi that was passing by instead.

I took my handphone out from my pocket and all of a sudden, the last taxi driver started shouting at me and warning me to keep quiet and not to complain to the authorities.

After waiting for about five minutes, I managed to get a taxi driver who was willing to use the meter without me asking him to do so. The fare came to RM5.90.

There are still many taxi drivers who follow the rules out there.

Passengers should not give in to unscrupulous taxi drivers.

Instead, we should report such incidents to the authorities to make our city a better place.


Kuala Lumpur.

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