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Friday, March 19, 2010

Shortchanged by maid agency

I HAVE been a victim of run-away maids and was also cheated by a maid agency.

I once took in an Indonesian maid and upon arriving at my home for a day, she suddenly fainted. When she regained consciousness, she told us that she has had fits since young. In the space of two days, she fainted six times.

How can we accept her to work in our house under such circumstances? It will be dangerous for her when she is on the stairs and also to our children.

I highlighted this issue to the maid agency in Klang Bukit Tinggi and they told us that they had no idea about this and as long as the maid passed the Fomema test, she was fit to work.

I refused to accept the explanation as it is ridiculous and I demanded that the agency send her to a specialist to check it out.

The medical report said the maid has been suffering from sudden fainting spells since she was six years of age. The maid also mentioned that she fainted at the agency as well but the agency kept quiet and sent the maid to us.

I was forced to get a replacement and to pay all the charges again. Then the agency told me this was the final replacement as per contract.

How can they consider one unfit maid as fit and assume that we are the ones who do not want the maid? This is totally unfair.

The agency refused to pay us the refund in full. I had to pay for a maid who worked only two days in my house but spent most of the time fainting.

I really hope the Government can take some measures to protect us Malaysians. We are also the victims in such circumstances.

Shah Alam.

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